Interviews interviews and more interviews

Yeah, that’s right.. we are on recruiting spree, we have been hunting for Sr. PHP Programmers for quite sometime.. have been interviewing lot of people.. but the sad part is, the outcome is not a good as expected.. (though it is better than the last time)

No doubt, there are many guys looking for the job.. but the problem is, majority of the guys do not fit the bill.. the reason? Well, they are actually applying for the wrong post.. their knowledge do not reflect what is generally written in their resume..

Recently we came across very horrid examples.. Couple of guys walked in for the interview with some shining projects in their resume but when we asked them basic questions… they started fumbling.. We also got variety of crowd who tried to explain us why their incorrect answers are actually correct.. some even tried to inflate their current salary figured and started asking for huge amount of salary..

We get frustrated many times, thinking why people do not provide correct information on their resume.

The point of this post is to pass the message that whenever you are going for the interview or preparing your resume, make sure you are aware what post you are applying for and what you are writing. :)

I guess, I should have another post lined up with the tips or something.. (May be I will have it in sometime)

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  2. Ghansham says:

    Dear sir,

    I completely agree with your comments, I would expect a lot more useful posts on the blog.

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