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Well, this post is highly inspired by my previous post Interviews interviews and more interviews. So, without wasting much of the time, let me get back to the point and list down some of the tips which I think every employee should keep in mind…

Also, I am not going to point of all those tips which you see on zillions of job related websites. My points are mainly related to your skills and keeping things simple.

  1. Don’t write too much.. I have seen many people having lengthy resume, they basically list out all the projects they have done so far. But this is not the way things should be. Your resume should outline your skills not the number of your projects. The resume should contain the list of projects which you think can show your skills. 

    No one bothers to go through all the pages and there are high chances that the recruiter might miss out looking at some of the important projects. So, keep it short and simple..

  2. Mention only what you know.. Well, this one is pretty common.. in more than 75% of the cases.. we see long list of languages or applications in the resume. I have seen people having lists like “CSS, HTML, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, C, C++, VB, JAVA” but when I ask them questions about any of the languages mentioned, they simply reply saying, “I had learnt this in my college curriculum or at some institute”. Many people mention huge list of applications (like WordPress, OSCommerce, Joomla, Drupal etc..) but again, when we ask something about it.. they simply do not know anything beyond installing it..So, the point is.. mention only what you know.. it’s better to write just CSS,HTML and PHP if you know only these 3. When you write a huge list, it means you know these language and you can answer questions related to these languages.. and if you fail to answer, it will create bad impression. But if you have mentioned what you know, the questions asked will be limited to your mentioned skills and you can answer the questions confidently.
  3. KISS… haha No, I didn’t mean the actual kiss.. but always follow KISS principle.. i.e. Keep it Simple Stupid. Don’t try to make a fancy resume and add add too many colors, don’t add too many design elements. Just keep things clear to read.. no fancy fonts, user readable font size.
  4. We don’t want your personal info… I have seen many candidates having their passport size photos in their resume. Many even mention their passport number etc.. But we don’t need these. Having photos are generally a good idea if you are applying for a modeling related job but in IT industry.. we are more concerned about the work :) Also, we don’t need your passport number.. we just need your email address and contact details.. nothing more apart from these :)

And here are some tips before you go for the Interview..

  1. Pick up the phone.. haha, this one is pretty funny.. on an average, out of 25 people agree to come for the interview. more than 15 people don’t turn up… they simply do not pickup the phones.. this is a bad sign. If you can’t make out for the interview.. simply inform the recruiter about it.. it will create your bad impression if you keep the recruiter uninformed..
  2. Pickup the phone.. at the right place.. This one was suggested by Amit Gupta, here. If you have telephonic interview lined up.. make sure that you are at a quite place at the time of interview. i.e. Don’t be around any busy place where there is lot of noise.. (Restaurants, market etc..) Busy places will make your interview miserable.
  3. Show your confidence.. You are applying for a job.. you have to be confident about it.. you should be confident about taking up new responsibilities and working in a new environment.. after all, confidence is what needed to keep you going high.. so always have high confidence level.. don’t be nervous.. it’s not your school exam, no one will kill you if you don’t know the answers..
  4. Learn to say NO.. Yes.. learn to say NO.. if you do not know anything, be open about it and tell the recruiter NO. No point in sharing the half knowledge. Don’t bluff the things.. always remember.. people sitting on the opposite chair are smarter than you.. (exceptions apart haha :P)On a serious note, it’s always better to say I don’t know, if you don’t know the answer. If you try to give incorrect answer claiming that you know everything, it will surely create a bad impression. But if you openly express the limit of your knowledge, you will still have good chance of getting selected… (As you were open about what you knew and what you did not)
  5. Clear the basics and logic… ALWAYS make sure that your basics are clear.. don’t be surprised if you are asked very basic questions even if you are applying for senior level job.. after all, the basic knowledge is what makes skills grow.. At the same point, it is very necessary to keep the logic clear.. I always tell people that… programs are like essay.. you just need to convey your logic in different languages.. be it PHP, ASP or JSP.. the answer of 1 + 1 is going to be 2 but the way you interpret is what makes the difference and the logic is what helps in this case.
  6. I hate that stink.. Here comes the funny incident.. It was my worst interview so far.. a guy walked in for the interview.. we have habit of asking everyone to take off their shoes outside the office and I must say, it was my worst mistake ever.. the walked in along with the stink.. grr.. it was horrifying experience for me.. I still remember me running around to get a room freshener after the guy left..So, the point is.. many times, we do not give importance to minor things like using deodorant, wearing clean clothes, clean socks etc.. but these factors DO make an impact on your interview. No employer would like to hire a person to whom everyone prefers to stay miles away.. so you watch out.. and don’t be one of them :)

I guess, that’s about it.. these are the points which came to my mind so far.. I will update this post if I notice anything new..

Also, if you have any suggestions, do let me know by posting the comments..

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  1. Quiz_Master says:


    Will keep in mind that ‘clean socks’ part :p

  2. Deep says:

    haha.. thought of adding some humor too :P

  3. Vinay says:

    ‘Pick up the phone’ makes me remember your post ‘UNEMPLOYMENT OR UNPROFESSIONALISM?’ on your personal blog.

    Overall very good tips for anyone appearing for Interview sooner or first time. Great share Deep!

  4. soham says:

    Nice one !!

    Greatly composed ..

    Can you plz share one or two Interview experiences you had in recent times .. It will be fun to read !!

  5. Deep says:

    Hi Soham,

    I am not sure about sharing the personal things.. but I will see if I can compose in such a way which won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

    And yea, they are plenty of fun interview experiences but let’s see..


  6. amit says:

    add to that:

    On a phone interview or when talking to recruiter, better be somewhere where the surroundings are quiet. If you can’t be then schedule a call later when you can. Many times people take calls when they are in market or restaurants or with family – there’s a whole lot of background noise that its a nightmare to talk! ;)

  7. Very Nice Tips, Deep!
    Hopefully it would help someone find jobs in this recession times.

    Its good you started a separate company blog.

    Wish you lots success!

  8. Deep says:

    Thanks Amit for the tip, I have added the point :)

    Thanks Gaurish for the wishes :)

  9. One Essential Question most Interviewer asks me (2004-2006) Why did you leave your last job? or Why do you want to work for this organization?

    I have never prepared for the first question and still looking a appropriate answer. Once i answered Sir, for better salary (How silly it was). I hope you can answer this question waiting for your reply. BTW i m sure this time they’ll not ask me the first question because i m fresher again.

    About second question i realized that Sincerity is extremely important here and will easily be sensed. Relate it to your long-term career achievement goals.

    BTW it was an excellent write up for the beginners and intermediates.

  10. Sooraj says:

    I guess you missed to write down the main differences between Resume, Biodata and Curriculum Vitae.

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